Have you ever had trouble keeping up with the Hottest Songs being played around the Beach and Shag Music World

Now You Can Keep Up With Whatís Going On In Beach Music Without Leaving Your Home

Have you ever had a hard time keeping up with whatís going on in Beach Music?

Did you ever go down to SOS to find that there were a whole lot of new songs out that you hadnít heard of?

Have you ever purchased a CD, only to find that the shaggable version of the song is on yet another CD?

Have you ever asked what the hottest songs were only to get many conflicting opinions?


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Each month around the 22nd (just like clockwork since May 2000), your new issue (between 32 and 40 pages) jam-packed with everything going on in the Beach Music world, will be sent to your doorstep.

Would you like to check out some deejay playlists? Well how about playlists from these deejays: Gary Bass, Chris Beachley, Jim Bowers, Grady Brown, Dennis Brumble, Willie C., Larry Calhoun, Curtiss Carpenter, J.D. Cash, Judy Collins, Debi Dee, Neal Furr, Gary Gibson, Bob Graves, Charlie Griffin, Bobby Guyton, Pat Gwinn, Butch Halpin, Steve Hardy, Lee Huaser, Barry Hayes, Alan Hilbert, Jerry Hill, John Hook, Mack Jones, Bill Lester, Mike Lewis, Mike Little, Steve Lusk, Mac Mast, Doug McCraw, Kent McLamb, Sammy Rhoden, Michael Roberts, Big John Ruth, Chad Sain, David Sessoms, Ray Scott, Gene Sistare, Don Smith, Ricky Viverette, Robbie Vogt, Anthony Weeks, Ed Weiss, Phil Wells, John Williford, Eddie Zomerfeld and much more.

Yes, I want to be a subscriber to The Beach Music Reporter for $59 a year (12 issues). Please hurry and send my first issue to me immediately. Please start with the ___________(month) issue. Enclosed is my check made payable to The Beach Music Reporter, 4720 Cedar Forest Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060. Feel free to call Kelly Harrison with questions to (804) 747-7553 or email me at beachmusicreporter@comcast.net.



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" A fantastic publication! The Beach Music Reporter covers the whole spectrum of Beach Music. I use it daily in preparation of my radio/mobile DJshows."

Don Smith, "Party Sounds To Go" Sunny 105.5 FM, Florence, SC

"The Beach Music Reporter has become MY personal standard for quick reference and research in relation to what is REALLY Happening in the Beach Music Industry. It permits me to stay on TOP of what my fellow DJs are finding, and using to entertain the diverse dance, listening and party folks that we all strive to entertain. Keep up the good work."

Michael Roberts, "Where the Music Takes Me," Critic and Columnist

"It's the only guide I need to stay on top of the beach music scene."

Kent McLamb, Beach Music Club Deejay, Elizabeth City, NC

"The Beach Music Reporter is the singular, definitive source for information regarding both Beach and Shag Music, invaluable equally for the music fan, the dancer, the deejay, the collector, the club owner and more. There is no comparable source, period."

Mike Lewis, Senior Member, The Beach DJ Hall of Fame, Six-Year Past President, The Association of Beach & Shag Club DJís.

"This is the best publication I have ever used. It keeps DJ's on top of the Beach Music that's out there. The reviews are honest and straight forward without bias, the countdowns let you know what other DJ's are doing in other areas. It's GREAT - A Must Have!"

Jerry Hill, Jerry Hill's Beach, Rhythm & Blues

"If you're not reading the Beach Music Reporter, you're missing out. Period."

KC Evers, WGQR Saturday Afternoon Beach Party

"I think The Beach Music Reporter is a great compilation of what the other DJ's are playing. I use it to find out what CD's songs are on so I know what to look for in the music stores; help compile my play lists and/or find songs to try out on the dancers at the club or private parties. It's a great resource for DJ's and music lovers!!"

Butch Halpin, Publisher of Beach Bits

"The Beach Music Reporter is an invaluable tool for the Beach/Shag DJ. I use it almost every day to keep up on the latest songs. I carry with me when I play at clubs so that I always have a ready reference. I look forward to each issue. The articles are stimulating and informative."

Bob Graves, The Music Transit Authority, Raleigh, NC

"Since the Beach Music Industry is so narrowly focused, we need a publication like The Beach Music Reporter to keep us all on the same page. With this publication, we radio guys know what the club deejays are doing and vice-versa. The song listings usually identify the CD the song was taken from which makes it easier for us to find the music we need. I look forward to each month's issue!"

Ed Weiss/Charlie Brown, WPCM, Burlington, NC

"I've been selling 20 issues, every month of The Beach Music Reporter in my store for the past year. Not only have I sold every issue, every month, but it has increased my business by at least 10%, that I can directly attribute to The Beach Music Reporter. Furthermore, besides increasing the sales, because it gives a list of songs to those people searching for the right tunes to buy, it has been a great conversation piece. As the magazine arrives at the store at about the same day every month, I've noticed an increase in traffic from customers looking to get their copy before I'm sold out." -- Stan Hartley, owner of The Record Rack

Sorry you donít have a "letter to the editor" in your monthly BEACH MUSIC REPORTER---if you did:

I have only played Beach Music "daily" for a mear 32 years now---but I AM NOT A BEACH MUSIC jock---I just donít know enough........I have always had somebody to call and get what I need to know.....Like Charlie--Fessa--or my "god-son" Jim Quick---------that is until NOW....

When I get "stumped" and have a NEED-TO-KNOW----I call Kelly---live-----early mornings--and

he has it---or gets it---soon...

Yes, we I still play beach music DAILY-----but if it ainít in THE BEACH MUSIC REPORTER----I don't know what's up---for me to put down on the CD player.

Thanx Kelly--and keep it cominí for the little guys who canít git up in the mornin' and smell that salty air...

Fred Fox

wlnc radio@carolina.net

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